ROSEWELL ENERGY offers a comprehensive range of outsourced chemical treatments and other services making it the ideal engineering solutions for all oilfield operation requirements. We differentiate ourselves by focusing on the quality of service provided and through taking a personalized approach to each individual customer.

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About Us

Independent company

We provide innovative approaches for drilling, workover, completion, and production activities, with agents, free-lance consultants, sales, service quality, and marketing expertise with low overhead, the company can compete effectively with speed and agility to provide timely deliveries and superior QA&QC. The company engages in custom tolling/blending, and it also provides full-scale distribution services.

Customer support

In close cooperation with its customers, universities, chemical institutions, laboratories, and manufacturers, ROSEWELL ENERGY provides technical expertise and support, research and technology development, and new alternative options for blends and solutions. In addition, the company’s steady and consistent growth allows for optimal volume contract rates.

About Us

Our History

With over 20 years of experience in oilfield chemistry, we continue developing unique solutions to solve production issues, and drilling problems.

In addition, to remove and eliminate formation damages happening during well work activities, based on our knowledge and experience, we provide the best of every problem solution.

Moreover, we persist in inventing ideas and solutions to support oilfield operations through drilling, completion & production until good abandonment.