ROSEWELL ENERGY offers a comprehensive range of outsourced chemical treatments and other services making it the ideal engineering solutions for all oilfield operation requirements. We differentiate ourselves by focusing on the quality of service provided and through taking a personalized approach to each individual customer.

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Acid Stimulation

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Organic Acid Stimulation

Well, stimulation using acid solutions is a common practice to remove the skin and reduce the formation damage near the wellbore created by the drilling and completion fluids and also creates channels or wormholes that can bypass the damaged area. In this process, a certain acidic solution is injected to dissolve part of the rock matrix and creates conductive channels which facilitate the flow of hydrocarbons to the wellbore. Dissolving power is equivalent to HC1 acid with significantly reduced corrosion rates and the absence of Cl- ions.

HCl and HF acids are frequently used in good stimulation in acid stimulation and also in acid fracturing operations due to their strength in dissolving calcite rocks. The main issue of mineral acids in good stimulation is:

Well Tubular Corrosion

Ferric Ion Precipitation

Asphaltic Sludge

Fast Reaction Rate

Production Solution Products

OACS-HI: Carbonate Stimulation in HPHT Wells

An environmentally friendly Well stimulation treatment, a mixture of carboxylate salts and surfactants allowing a deep zonal penetration, creating a widespread wormhole, removing formation damage, and clean perforations, requires an average of 2.5 pore volume at 90⁰C to break through the formation.

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OACS-LO: Carbonate Stimulation in LTLP Wells

A biodegradable mixture of organic acids, free from mineral acids and salts, combined with surfactant and solvent, for low temperature, depleted carbonate reservoir stimulation, this treatment has a strong efficiency with carbonates, oxides, and metal-organic film. CAS-LT is a perfect stimulation solution for water injectors and disposal wells.

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OACS-SS: Sandstone Stimulation

An ammoniated, treatment for oil zone, removing damages, control clays and shales from swelling, with deep penetration using a retarded mixture of chelating agents and surfactants at acidic pH maintain high sequestering capacity for free metal ions, with average two pore volumes to breakthrough.

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OAS-GS: General Secretariat of the Organization of the American States

Heterogeneous gas stimulation without diverting agents, using a diverter patch is common while stimulating long intervals and heterogeneous reservoirs, alternately, through CT squeeze; using a pre-calculated fluid property (density & viscosity), controlling treatment injection in deep HPHT heterogeneous reservoir.

The fluids are stable at HPHT conditions evolve a powerful wormhole comparing with the traditional Acidizing. However, the removal efficiency increases when down-hole temperature increases.