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Asphaltene Control

Production Solution Products

what's Asphaltene

Asphaltenes are molecular substances that are found in crude oil, along with resins, aromatic hydrocarbons, and saturates, asphaltenes molecular structure is difficult to determine because the molecules tend to stick together in suspended solution, asphaltene strengthen high viscosity to crude oils, negatively impacting production.

Asphaltene accumulate at the perforations, in the formation, in pipelines or on safety equipment can cause blockages and severe emulsion formation resulting in damage, loss of crude oil recovery, choking off the production thus creating expensive-to-treat processing problems.

Asphaltenes exist in heavy oils, oil sands, and bitumen, precipitate normally when:

Pressure & Temperature drop

pH changes

Mixing of incompatible crude oils

Other conditions or materials that break the stability of asphaltic dispersion

Flow regime change

Rosewell developed an innovative range of oil-soluble asphaltene control products, to assist in:

Dissolve asphaltene molecules in the oil phase

Inhibition of asphaltene accumulation and precipitation

Increases flow assurance

Reduces asphaltene blockage in well tubulars, pipelines, downhole and surface equipment

Production Solution Products


Low toxicity, biodegradable, organic solvent for pipe dopes, paraffin deposits, Tar, Asphaltene, Bitumen, and heavy organic deposits. TARCUT blends from safe and high flash point solvents with no toxic or corrosive ingredients, TARCUT is safe to use with O-rings, rubber seals, and elastomer packing, pre-flush treatment with asphaltene dissolver is required for good stimulation to remove deposition in the near-wellbore area and allow injection to be established and will also remove residual crude oil off the formation to allow good acid contact with the formation.

In addition to remove paraffin and asphaltenes from the formation before contacting with acid, this pre-flush will also displace formation brine /oil which are incompatible with acids and will act as a spacer to eliminate damage to the formation during the stimulation treatment.