ROSEWELL ENERGY offers a comprehensive range of outsourced chemical treatments and other services making it the ideal engineering solutions for all oilfield operation requirements. We differentiate ourselves by focusing on the quality of service provided and through taking a personalized approach to each individual customer.

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About Us

Our Policy

We believe that people buy benefits not products, which means that quality comes first, and hence sourcing of the products based on “Prevention Is Better Than Cure” theory, which enables to forecast all unseen problems & maintain High-Quality Standards along with cost-effectiveness.
We believe in progressing with our valued clients and enrich our business with ethics.
We believe in the six Ps' of marketing.

People: be a great place to work where people are inspired and motivated to be the best they can be.

Portfolio: present a portfolio of quality solutions that anticipates and satisfies our customer desires and needs.

Partners: construct a winning network of customers and suppliers – together we create mutual and continual value.

Place: it can create success for a new or established business through helping to build and support sustainable communities.

Price: it is an integral piece of a good value equation that supports a superior product proposition while being mindful of our overall responsibilities.

Performance: be a highly effective, lean and fast-moving organization – this implies the mutual financial and strategic objectives with our clients.