ROSEWELL ENERGY offers a comprehensive range of outsourced chemical treatments and other services making it the ideal engineering solutions for all oilfield operation requirements. We differentiate ourselves by focusing on the quality of service provided and through taking a personalized approach to each individual customer.

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Mud Additives

Mud Additives

HPHT Drilling Mud Additives

HPHT drilling fluids additives to prevent barite sag in deep deviated wells, solid invasions in tight gas reservoir and HᴤS Scavenger for WBM.

Mud Additives

what's Flumen-S

A Zero solid invasion additive for Water-Based Drilling Fluid in drilling tight reservoir formations while reducing the filtrate volume and eliminating the solid invasion using a retarder additive permit drilling a target hydrocarbon producing formation with zero invasion of the drilling fluid system to control losses while drilling tight reservoirs. This additive eliminates water blocking which is a common problem in drilling tight gas formation.

Mud Additives

Flumen-S works

Flumen-S works as a catalyst and as a result, it will enhance barite filter-cake solubility using Cake-Wash-II. As a result, the cumulative filtrate volume has decreased by 53% and the filter cake thickness has decreased by 65%. The retained permeability was 100% and the computer tomography (CT) number before filtration and after removal was very close, confirming no solid residual observed in the zone.

Mud Additives

what's Delve-B

Delve-B is a barite sag prevention for highly deviated and horizontal wells that reduces the sag risk with barite oil-based drilling fluid. This will result in reducing drilling problems such as lost circulation, stuck pipe, high torque and drag, poor cement jobs, logging, and well control difficulties.

Mud Additives

Barite Sag

Barite Sag defined as a significant variation in mud density measured during the first bottoms-up circulation after a weighted mud has remained static for some time in a directional well. Fann viscometer measurements read no changes in Mud properties while adding Delve-B to the OBM at different rpm’s.

Mud Additives

what's Swag-H

Swag-H additive works as an H2S scavenger, for water-based mud, provides protection for drill string, well tubular, and personal.

Mud Additives

Corrosion effect

Corrosion causes the majority of drill pipe loss and damages, casing, mud pumps, bits, and down-hole tools. As down-hole temperatures increase, corrosion and pitting increase at a corresponding rate.

Mud Additives

what's Stream-wash

Stream-wash is a water-based blend of biodegradable surfactants and penetrants, designed for general-purpose cleaning and degreasing for all types of surfaces.
Stream-wash is an excellent oil emulsifying cleaner with strengths varying with the dilution percentage with water.

Mud Additives

uses of stream-wash

Stream-wash is a heavy-duty surface cleaner for; rig floor, platform, decks, barges, ships, tanks, vessels, and engine rooms. Stream-Wash can be applied in different ways including; spray, mops, sponges, wipers, etc. for better results, keep the solution to penetrate deposits before rinsing off, don’t leave the solution to dry on the surface, and always clean surfaces with a proper diluted amount of stream-wash.

Industrial heavy-duty grease and oil remover

Non-corrosive formula, and inhibits rusting

Rinses to eliminate residue and surface contamination

Water-based and biodegradable for safer cleaning alternative