ROSEWELL ENERGY offers a comprehensive range of outsourced chemical treatments and other services making it the ideal engineering solutions for all oilfield operation requirements. We differentiate ourselves by focusing on the quality of service provided and through taking a personalized approach to each individual customer.

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Scale Removal

Production Solution Products

Scale Removal (A special treatment for a special scale composition)

The oil and gas production operations suffer from scale depositions. When the production flow reaches a point of supersaturation because of a sudden drop in pressure, changes in temperature, a combination of incompatible waters, or a change in pH or water chemistry, the mineral salts become less soluble and precipitate on a thick scale.

Scale deposition is badly affecting petroleum economics, the main problems of the scale accumulation are a reduction in the inner diameter of the production tubes, reduction in the good production and pressure, surface and subsurface equipment failure, perforations, and formation damage in the reservoir pores, leading to a well plugging and shorten the life of equipment both ‘downhole’ and on the surface. ROSEWELL ENERGY formulates a superior treatment to remove all types of scale deposition and blockage.

A powerful descaling of wells with ESP Completion for; sulfate, sulfide, and carbonate mixture scales, provide removal with high sequestering capacity at low corrosion rate, no damage, safe ESP cleaning operation (no corrosion or elastomer deformation) during the soak time

Production Solution Products

SCOUR (carbonate scale dissolver)

A group of dissolvers for carbonates and oxides scales, with a dissolution capacity above the HCl acid. while controlling; corrosion, these property fluids will stimulate the production and removes near-wellbore damages, with pH range from one to four, Scour treatment will create enough wormholes to break through the matrix bores with 1.9 to 2.5 pore volume. Meanwhile, the solubility increases with the temperature increases.

Production Solution Products

FERRO-CLEAN (iron sulfate scale dissolver)

A group of dissolvers for a wide range of irregular deposition of iron sulfide, dense iron, zinc, and lead compounds, a mixture of iron sulfides, amorphous iron, and hydroxide scales. While providing well-tubular protection and controls corrosion, avoid HᴤS generation, sulfur, and iron re-precipitation.

This solution provides a high dissolution for specific sulfide, a mixture of sulfides, carbonates, and other inorganic compounds. A modified blend of these fluids is able to dissolve a wide range of sulfide scales in a moderate capacity.

For HPHT deep deviated gas wells and slim holes, the deployment of chemical scale dissolver is most economic deployment above the mechanical milling and more over to change the completion string when a plugging happened in a wide interval.

Production Solution Products

BARIO-CLEAN (sulfate scale dissolver)

A group of sulfate dissolver’s, at alkaline pH, these fluids provide protection for well tubular, removing near wellbore damage, and fine precipitations. A property mixture of polyamine carboxylates, and surfactants provides a high dissolution capacity for strontium, barium, calcium, lead and magnesium sulfates and other scales.

The dissolution rate is increasing with temperature and at 300°F, it removes 100% of barite in 12 hours, at high pH solutions, each fluid exposes a very low corrosion rate.

Production Solution Products

SPAR (composite scale dissolver)

SPAR is a low temperature 30 — 70⁰C) treatment and solution for a mixture of Lead, Barium, & Strontium Sulfate, along with iron, Zinc, & Lead Sulfide, and Amphoteric iron.

ROSEWELL ENERGY provides a unique dissolver for scale deposits at the field conditions, through a series of lab testing and metallurgy analysis, in every solution we aim to deliver the best solution to increase the hydrocarbon production without damaging the production zone

A powerful dissolver for a mixture of sulfate, sulfide and carbonate scales, provide removal with high sequestering capacity at low corrosion rate, during the soak time there will be no damage on the ESP component as corrosion or elastomer deformation.

Production Solution Products

Descaling of ESP and Gas lift valves

A powerful dissolver for a mixture of sulfate, sulfide, and carbonate scales provides removal with high sequestering capacity at a low corrosion rate. During the soak time, there will be no damage to the ESP component as corrosion or elastomer deformation.