ROSEWELL ENERGY offers a comprehensive range of outsourced chemical treatments and other services making it the ideal engineering solutions for all oilfield operation requirements. We differentiate ourselves by focusing on the quality of service provided and through taking a personalized approach to each individual customer.

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Water De-Oilers

Production Solution Products


Demulsification or emulsion breaker are commonly used in the crude oil primary processing to separate the hydrocarbon phase, remove the saline water to prevent corrosion and emulsion problems in downstream system, and aid in solids removal from the produced fluids providing a high quality produced crude oil.

Clarifying the saline water sufficiently free from hydrocarbons to meet the discharge limits for water disposal. the number of impurities above the industry regulations must be reduced before any discharge, disposal, or water reuse is allowed. Otherwise, if oil and solids dispersed throughout the disposal water, this can lead to a “milky” appearance and can create emulsion build-up in the separator vessel.

In crude oil production, the greatest part occurs as a water-in-oil emulsion, the composition of the continuous phase depends on the water to oil ratio, removal of such impurities, including complex hydrocarbons from an oil/water dispersion, reverse emulsion breakers to destabilize oil-in-water. Each chemical application is specifically made to fit particular emulsifiers, dispersants, process units, and field conditions.

A customized bottle test performed on-site with fresh produced fluids to evaluate best suited water clarifying treatment for each field production. To leave clear water with minimum residual oil/solids, improve separation control, meet discharge limits for water disposal, recover more oils from produced fluid, and improve injectivity in disposal wells.

Production Solution Products

Our demulsifies services

ROSEWELL ENERGY provides a dual-purpose demulsifier that accelerates water separation from the hydrocarbon oil and provides corrosion protection and asphaltene inhibition.



Heavy-duty de-oiling for an oil spill, metal, and rig cleaners removes petroleum-based oil from all metal surfaces (i.e., steel, copper, aluminum, etc.….) deferent composition for light and heavy oil, in which oil is removed from material or surface.


What's EOR-DS

EOR--DS is a dual surfactant treatment for EOR at high salinity, at high salinities these surfactant combinations dissolve in brine to form a homogeneous dispersion, changing the formation wettability, driving more hydrocarbon to be produced.


What's STREAM-22

A solvent and a surfactant-based degreaser, it has an extremely high solubility at ambient temperature, in most cases, it will dissolve most oils and waxes, etc., if heating is required to elevate its solubility, the solution will be stable upon return to the atmospheric temperature with no residuals.


What's STREAM-33

A microemulsion cleaner and degreaser, a clear product imparts corrosion resistance in addition to emulsion characteristics. To remove heavy lubricating and preservative oils, greases, and carbonaceous deposits